Monday, September 3, 2012

Audi Sports Updates!

1. 6 Hours of Spa was last saturday and Audi did it again! The boys pulled off a 1-3 victory with           Toyota in the middle at the #2 spot.

2. It appears that the ALMS and Grand-AM series might perform a merger. This can be pretty exciting if it happens, it will make American racing championships a lot more desirable to more manufacturers, both domestic and abroad, because it will give more research opportunities. After all, most companies race to breed better machines.

3. An A5 in the Superstars Touring Championship caught fire!
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No big deal
4. A new R8 is imminent! Audi released a new video with some of its details. The new R8 production car has rounded(er) tail lights and head lamps as well as a new badge displaying the Audi Sport red tag. Mechanically it has an all new double-clutch DSG 'box that sheds .2 seconds off of the 0-60 time (down to 3.6) and is mounted lower for better center of gravity.

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