Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No More Trig!

Hey all, Sorry I haven't been posting much, I was finishing up my trig class at IRSC. Now that my summer classes are over I'm back to blogging and working.

Expect a post about once a week!

For your visiting and sticking around despite my laziness here's a funny photo for you:

Anyone who's been on imgur has probably seen this 20 times. Anyone else, I made this photo. Me.

My View on Le Mans 2012Let's be

The track, barren. Tire smoke, cleared. Pits, empty.

This years Le Mans 24 Hours was unprecedented with two huge records being set.

 The first is obvious, for the first time in 80 runs of this race a hybrid car won, the Audi R18 e-tron. In competition was the Toyota TS030 (LMP1 class) which suffered some unfortunate turns of events. The first car was a wash, a few hours in to the race it had a massive crash with a Ferrari 458 (GTE class) that destroyed the car, even it's driver, Anthony Davidson, came out injured. A fractured spine sent him in to the hospital and ended the teams run in Le Mans. The second TS030 suffered some damage in touching with another car and never was in full functioning order, it's run ended about halfway through the race.
Let's be honest, these were the only ones we cared about.

The second record set was by the DeltaWing. This amazing and marvelous machine set insane lap times considering is potentially a motor driven tricycle with a batman theme. Something sold in the "Hell" department at Toys R' Us. The car "competed" by itself in its own class established specifically for it. The car acted as a super expensive experiment for Nissan and for the automotive world. They proved that a car can turn on a pivot, it can consume less, weigh less, do everything less and even come out on top.

Except for when the TS030 clipped it and ruined it's rear suspension.

Damn Toyota.

Below is some links for everyone to read and a really interesting video from Baretzky, the inventor of the reigning engines for Audi Sport.

Baretzky Video:

TS030 Video:

DeltaWing Video:

Le Mans stats:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Le Mans 24 Hours Update

So far the big news is that the two Toyota TS030's have been knocked out, Audi is holding a strong 1-2-3-4 lead in the LMP1 class.

The DeltaWing met some trouble when it collided with a TS030 but showed considerable strength through the race.

Coming in to hour 16 here of the race it looks like a summed up win for Audi, sort of boring really with no competition. However some excitement from the GTE class where the two Corvettes are fighting for a pole position against Porsche 911s, Aston Martin, and Ferrari 458's.

Updates tomorrow once the race ends!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

DTM: Audi's Comeback?

So far this season Audi has been doing terribly in DTM. Up against the newly re-entered BMW M3 and the Mercedes AMG, Audi's A5 has been struggling for the last few races, but with today being the day of the Speilberg race this week has been practice laps and Qualifying.

For the first time in the 2012 season Audi placed first in all practice laps and even qualifying!

As of right now the point standings are:
Mercedes 68
BMW 43
Audi 35

Hope all goes well, I'll have updates within the next few days, and don't forget about the 16th! (Hint: It's Le Mans)

See ya round!