Monday, April 30, 2012

Working on Blog HTML and CSS

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finals and Such

Sorry I haven't been posting as much of late all, I have finals this week so I've been studying a ton. I get home Friday [moving out of my dorm :( ] and the posts will get regular. I'm also planning on fixing up the look of the blog, right now it's just sort of standard and default.

More posts will come! I promise!

For now here's a dog doing science.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Call of Duty: MW3

Now I know, MW3 has been out for around 6 months, so this review is a bit late, but it's relevant for me, sort of.

See I played all of the Modern Warfare series, COD4 and MW2 were spectacular, and MW3's campaign did NOT disappoint! Not. One. Bit. The campaign was epic and fun with the world's greats ending thus proving that Price is the ultimate bad ass.
Screamed while crying, "Nearly Everyone I Love Dies!"

Once finishing the campaign I moved to online multiplayer: and boy was I surprised. It's not fun. And I don't mean that in a way that says it sucks, it doesn't, in fact with the exception of the spawning system, it, too, is spectacular. What I mean is historically I have no problem maintaining 2.5+ KDRs in Call of Duty, but in MW3, the best I can get is about 1.3

The reason? The multiplayer is fair. It's a lot more balanced than any other COD ever made, and if you are a true COD fan I suggest you get this game. In the next post I'll be discussing the future of COD and what it could possibly mean, and trust me, it's not what you think it will be.

Take if from someone who has wasted a lot of college nights playing FPS games, this one is a real doosie.

RabbiReview's Decision: MW3 is worth the money, but if you're like me online play will become boring very quickly.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Parallax Boads vs. Arduino

Today was my EGN 1007 competition: The Great Naval Orange Race

The point is to design an autonomous boat, with it's own on-board propulsion system not containing any sort of combustion, and get it to go all the way around the reflecting pond at my school, whilst carrying a naval orange. + Pond = Engineering

One of the problems is that the pond is a perfect semi-circle, and steering is difficult work. One solution was to use our Parallax boards from last semester, utilizing Arduino programing in conjunction with an IR sensor to "see" the wall of the pond and follow it. Here's the problem: parallax sucks. The boards fry, the sensors are iffy, the servos twitch. After working on a Parallax robot for a semester I can say first hand that they hardware is terrible and can't follow its software very well. A single change in the frequency output, by a mere .001% for the IR sensor, will literally send your robot spiraling off of a 3 foot high table and in to a million pieces at 9.8 m/s^2.

Arduino. Ahhhhhhh, Arudino, My true love. You are the original, the mighty, the beautifully simple. The programing was written by Arduino (thus the name?) and their hardware, while about 10% more expensive than Parallax, actually works. If my robot doesn't go in to kamikaze mode while I'm testing a program to get it to see black lines, it's worth it.

RabbiReview's Decision: Spend the extra for Arduino, when you don't buy three of every fried, broken part, you'll be thankful.

(Here are videos of some past races, I took a lot of footage of my boat (Placed 13th out of 270) and I'll be uploading it once finals are over next week. Enjoy!)

Videos of Past Races:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monster Energy

Staying up late? 

Drinking heavily?

 Doing wild and crazy things? 

It's time for a Monster.

This particular energy supplement is delicious and holds high value in college, helping to push through a hard study night and down a large quantity of alcohol. At 16 oz. it will certainly "Unleash the Beast", but with such great benefits what are its downfalls?
This is certainly an..... up-fall?

I have a friend who drinks these religiously, he even has a "Monster Wall" in a cubby over his bed, it is 16 cans across and 3 high. Recently his mom and dad told him they were worried about this obsession he holds because recently a few teenagers have died drinking just two of these in succession. This, understandably, freaked my friend out a bit and he has since began to ween off of the substance. I say ween for a good reason: He found he went through withdraw. 

Unhealthy side effects do await those that drink this delicious, bubbly elixir, so I would suggest drinking in moderation. It is delicious, relatively cheap and certainly draws benefits, just mind your manners when it comes to the B12 and caffeine that are entering your body.

Regards, RabbiReview

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