Thursday, April 19, 2012


Welcome to The Jew's Reviews! Let me give you a brief synopsis of what this blog will entail from here on out:

A basic overview of anything this particular Jew finds to be cool, awesome, sexy, distasteful, wasteful, or otherwise interesting. All of these things will be reviewed by a College Jew, so all things reviewed will be relevant to College Students, Jewish Students, or, hell, just about anybody.

No this blog is not religious at all, the name was just sorta catchy and it fits my demographic. :p


  1. Well the name is catchy. I wish you good luck on the blog.

  2. Good blog :)

  3. I am just wondering who you have directed this to LT.
    Certainly not my relatives in Zambia who might not have the opportunity to see this movie at this stage or am I mistaken.
    FYI it is showing in Melbourne now so I guess this is for the diaspora to respond.
    Entertainment Movie Today