Thursday, April 19, 2012

Monster Energy

Staying up late? 

Drinking heavily?

 Doing wild and crazy things? 

It's time for a Monster.

This particular energy supplement is delicious and holds high value in college, helping to push through a hard study night and down a large quantity of alcohol. At 16 oz. it will certainly "Unleash the Beast", but with such great benefits what are its downfalls?
This is certainly an..... up-fall?

I have a friend who drinks these religiously, he even has a "Monster Wall" in a cubby over his bed, it is 16 cans across and 3 high. Recently his mom and dad told him they were worried about this obsession he holds because recently a few teenagers have died drinking just two of these in succession. This, understandably, freaked my friend out a bit and he has since began to ween off of the substance. I say ween for a good reason: He found he went through withdraw. 

Unhealthy side effects do await those that drink this delicious, bubbly elixir, so I would suggest drinking in moderation. It is delicious, relatively cheap and certainly draws benefits, just mind your manners when it comes to the B12 and caffeine that are entering your body.

Regards, RabbiReview

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  1. It's tasty but very unhealthy :(